Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why yes, I am starting a blog....

So, now that I'm getting ready to submit my first stories, I have decided it's time to start my oh-so-important author blog. I want people who like my work to have someplace to come to learn more about me, and hopefully talk to me. I've also decided to use this blog as a bit of an experiment. I'm currently writing my first fantasy novel, and I want to document the writing process for "posterity." I have no illusions about this blog's success, and I'm not expecting much, but as my mother likes to say, "you can't succeed if you don't try."

Ideally, I hope to update this here blog twice a week every once in awhile. I hope y'all enjoy my writing, and please feel free to leave comments, questions, etc. I'm pretty new to this writing/blogging/human social interaction thing, so be gentle with me and I'll be glad to chat or answer any questions you might have.




  1. Kudos to you Jaryyd for taking this leap of faith. Exhilirating, sin't it!

  2. Thanks Gayle! Starting a blog is definitely scary. I'm sure it'll be worth the effort in the long run, though. Plus, it might even be fun :)

  3. Omigoodness, Jarryd, now you, too ? Your impressive first effort is goading me (Note: I didn't say "convincing") to consider (sigh) finding a new blog-home and resurrecting my short-lived blog from 2010. Have fun with your blog and congrats !

  4. Oh, I'm sure you'll be convinced in the long run. It's good to get your name out there :) I will, and thanks, Candice!